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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a successful athlete is like? Daily habits will help them have a successful career and stay on top. Haile Gebrselassie, Ethiopian long-distance running legend, incorporates his experiences and exercises from his time as an athlete into his new life – and you can learn from him!

#1: Go for a Run!

“I get up at 5am every day. The first thing I do before breakfast is go for a run. I started when I was a competitive runner and have incorporated it into my new life. My parents were farmers, so I’m used to hard work and getting up early.

When I get back from my morning run, I have breakfast with the whole family and then go to work early. It feels good to run so early and it gives me a lot of energy. The best way to start the day! “

#2: Stay Interested and learn from other Cultures

“Thanks to my professional running career I was able to travel around the world and get to know new cultures and habits – that broadened my horizons and gave me a new perspective on life. I learned a lot by watching other people and being able to look over their shoulders at work. I use the best ideas that I discover on my travels for my own work. “

#3: Work with the Best and as a Team

“Being the best runner in the world doesn’t just mean having talent – you also need to know who you’re working with. Running is a team sport and I would never have mastered it without my team.

I managed to select those people from my environment who are good for me (management, medical support, sponsors). Not only because they were nice to me, but also because they always told me what I needed to hear and not just what I wanted to hear. Also, they were smart people who were good at what they did. I wasn’t afraid to listen to them and work with them.

It is precisely this attitude that helps me in my work life now. I can’t do everything alone, I have to trust people and have around me those who are smarter than me or who help me see things differently. It’s not always easy, but in the end we have the same goal: the gold medal. “

#4: Trust Yourself!

“I often get headaches from work. Then I wish I were a top athlete again. Life was so much easier! No pain no gain; without belief in myself, no success; without determination, no degree; without hard work, no reward. Quite simply, without witchcraft!

Unfortunately, working life is much more complicated. Without all the essential basics I’ve learned as an athlete, I wouldn’t be as successful in my new life today.

One important thing is to take risks and just trust yourself. As an athlete, you sometimes have to try new things without knowing whether you will win that gold. And so it is as an entrepreneur – you have to take risks and don’t know what will come of it.

I also learned to make quick decisions. During a race I had to make a lot of tactical decisions, and it’s the same in the corporate world. Get involved – even if it is difficult – believe in yourself, go your own way and work hard. Just dare! “

#5 Take a Rest … and Go for a Run! (Can’t say enough)

“Work hard (I do too). But don’t forget to get enough rest! While running, I’ve learned that the only way to get stronger is through training AND periods of rest and recovery (remember to eat healthily too!). It’s a tightrope walk: do your best, but with care. Your mind and body need both – exertion and relaxation. Where we are back to the beginning: just go for a run! ”

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