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ADDIS ABABA, OCTOBER 16, 2019 – Africa’s biggest annual international road race, Great Ethiopian Run, will host, its international 10k race in just five weeks. It is vibrant, colorful and has a carnival-type atmosphere, and its already becoming a not to be missed annual event, thanks to its 45,000 energetic and creative participants who never ceased to amaze through the years.

Meanwhile, we would like to share with you, those amazing facts, regarding the ultra-competitive elite’s field.

0 – Number of non-Ethiopian athletes who had won, the annual Great Ethiopian Run International 10k road race. All 18 editions of the race were won by Ethiopian athletes.

1 – Haile Gebresilassie and Birhane Adere won, the first edition of the race in 2001.

2 – Only two athletes, Genet Getaneh 2004, 2005 and Wude Ayalew 2007, 2008 were able to defend their titles.

2 – Two couples won the race in both categories in the same year. Gebregziabher Gebremariam & Workineh Kidane in 2002, Sileshi Sihin & Tirunesh Dibaba in 2003.

– Wudie Ayalew is the only Athlete to win this race three times (2007, 08, 14)

– Four is the number of athletes who had won the race twice. I.e. Genet Getaneh 2004, 2005 & Foten Tesfay 2016, 2018 women, and Azmeraw Bekele 2010, 2014 & Hagos Gebrehiwot 2012, 2018 men.

5 – Number of countries represented in the elites field of the race in 2018. Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Eritrea, and Uganda

14 – Fourteen different athletes won the race in the women’s category. Tiruneh Dibaba, Aberu Kebede, Korene Jelila, Sule Utura, and Netsanet Gudeta are some of those athletes to win this highly competitive race.

16 – Is the number of different athletes who had won the race in men’s category. Athletes such as Mosinet Geremew, Selemon Barega, Tsegaye Kebede, Tamirat Tola are some of the big names in athletics to have won this race.

18 – Foten Tesfay and Hagos Gebrehiwot are the defending champions, after their remarkable second-time victory of the race in 2018.

19 – This year marked the 19th edition of the race.

28:18.61* – Deriba Merga is the holder of the men’s fastest time of the race courtesy of his 2006 victory.

32:16* – Mamitu Dasqa, holds the quickest time record in women’s category following her 2015 golden finish.

30:30* – Haile Gebresilassie, holds this unfamiliar record of, the Slowest Winning time of the race, in his victory at the inaugural event in 2001

35:07* – Birhane Adere’s 35:07 is the slowest winning time of the race to date, which she set on her number one finish in 2001.

Notice: Due to the frequent changes the the courses, the race does not have an official Course Record.

* Indicates that they are simply the fastest and slowest times registered on the races.

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