Liyu Sport (’ልዩ ስፖርት’ translated to, Unique Sport, from Amharic) is a dedicated sports website, mainly focused on entertaining professional opinions, ideas and critics by the experts themselves, which aimed at giving an insight for the overall development of African Sport.

Liyu sport also features, an exclusive , analytical and Investigative news stories, Profiles and big interviews about sports personalities in written and podcast formats.

 Who are the  writers?

  • Experts, Journalists, Coaches, Players/Athletes, Administrators, Scholars, other professionals and the fans etc…

How it works

  • Anyone who have any idea/opinion about a certain subject regarding African sport can produce a content, and will get published on the website, but, it is the author who will be fully responsible for the applauds and critics following  his/her content, not the website. 

What did they get in return

  • They will have a very good platform, to share their expertly ideas and opinions, concerning the development of the sport.

Purpose of the website – “It is to fill the gap!”

  • We have so many, ‘he/she said’ story telling mediums in the form of online, print & broadcast medias, but this website encourage anyone with an idea to say … I Said/Think This!
  • This website will give the stakeholders, from all walks of the sport, a platform to forward their opinions/ideas they think will help for the development of sport
  • To open the stage for those who have the ideas/capacity but set aside from the stage in one or another way
  • To bring ideas from all corners, that can play a pivotal role for the betterment of sport
  • To be source of quality information, reference and knowledge for readers and stakeholders about sport

Why on website format: 

  • Among other things, its accessibility to use the information’s at any time and place for any given purpose is the main reason

Target Group:

  • Considering how sport is being run globally, these days, we can say that, all segments of the society are our targets.
  • It is a way and a means of life for billions all over the world, Sport is related to health, good manner, solidarity, entrepreneurship, soft power, catalyst for macro and micro economic development etc… So! Anyone who visited this website will definitely get something to use for his/her own cause.


  • It will publish stories in Amharic and English languages


  • “Every Idea Matters!”